“What’s For Breakfast?” Part 2 Farmer’s Breakfast

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A Family Tradition

Breakfast is a long-standing tradition in our family. My mom and dad had our kids drinking watered-down coffee long before any normal parents would have allowed that. We didn't know:)

We didn't know because we weren't there. For a couple of weeks, and for only a few amazing summers, mom and dad hosted "Camp Grandma and Grandpa." We've always lived far apart, so we would choose some city in some state halfway between us and meet up. My parents would take the kids and I would go home to party with my husband. You know we didn't party. We had dinner and a conversation. I read a book and enjoyed life as me. It was fabulous! Thank you, Mom!

Back at the ranch, the kids were having a grand time drinking coffee and having eggs with bacon and biscuits and gravy. They rode horses, chased kittens and chickens, slept outside, and had food fights with friends. Mom and Dad made sure the kids had some amazing memories!  They had fun at grandma and grandpa's!

But this is about breakfast! There was hardly a day ever that breakfast did not happen around my parents’ house. And I brought that with me, into our house. Along with the daily tradition of breakfast, I brought a family favorite recipe...Farmer's Breakfast.

Breakfast For Dinner

When I say "breakfast for dinner," this is the commonly acknowledged meal of choice. Definitely a favorite! So, what is Farmer's Breakfast? It's a dish combining eggs, potatoes, sausage (or any breakfast meat), your choice of veggies, and cheese. It all cooks up into one tasty and hearty meal. Pair it with coffee and perhaps some fresh fruit, and it's just so good.

The base for "Farmer's Breakfast" is potatoes. In general, we like our potatoes peeled, but we can go either way. The choice is yours. A finer dice will help your potatoes cook faster and give you more area to brown up when you fry them. Gold potatoes cook up faster than Russet potatoes. If you want to skip a step, a nice little cheat is to substitute store-bought hash browns for diced potatoes. We like it both ways.

Sticky Issues

I didn't make this dish very often in the past because of issues with my potatoes sticking to the pan. By the time I was done browning the potatoes, there was an entire layer stuck to the bottom of the pan. It was especially tricky for me because I stay away from a traditional nonstick surface due to the toxins they release when heated.  After a quick foray into the world of cast iron, (that was Way too much trouble!) I decided to go with a Pampered Chef option, the 12-inch nonstick stainless steel.  This pan is the bomb for sticky stuff! My potatoes brown nicely and release from the pan quite easily. The nonstick coating is PFOA-free, but not PTFE-free. Of the two PTFE is the lesser of the evils. It is considered non-toxic and stable up to 680 degrees. This doesn't thrill me, but when it comes to nonstick options my choices seem to be ceramic or standard nonstick. Ceramic is great for a while, but inevitably begins to stick worse and worse over time. The Pampered Chef Stainless Steel Nonstick strikes a balance in  coatings that I can live with and a skillet that performs amazingly. I'll include a link at the end of this post if you'd like to check it out.

Cooking potatoes still requires a fair amount of oil, but I use refined coconut oil, so there are some health benefits to that, not the opposite.  I absolutely never use canola oil. It's highly genetically modified and I stay away from GMOs as often as I can.  Refined coconut oil has a higher smoke point and offers healthy fats, minus the strong coconut flavor of unrefined coconut oil. Somehow, it seems less greasy than vegetable oil.

Get Cooking

While your potatoes are browning you can get your veggies going in another smaller pan. Right now I'm using sweet yellow onions and poblano peppers. Sweet onions have much less of the oniony taste that a lot of people have a problem with. The Poblano is my pepper of choice because their flavor profile is amazing and they are not spicy. I love a little spice, but not everyone wants that in their breakfast. Poblanos offer so much flavor without the heat. I am adding them to everything I can right now. They are amazing in omelets! For this recipe, slice and dice your onions and pepper, and sauté in butter until nicely browned/caramelized.

This is where the sausage comes in. If you are not adding veggies to your Farmer's Breakfast, go ahead and throw your sausage in with your potatoes, after the potatoes are slightly browned, and finish them together. 

If you are adding veggies to your Farmer's Breakfast, you can cook the sausage and veggies together. What type of breakfast meat you choose will determine how you cook it. I am currently cooking with Butterball Turkey Sausage, hardwood smoked. It comes in links, which my family seems to like, and is very lean, so no draining fat, or (gross) eating it. I throw it in with my veggies and they all brown together. I do the same thing with ham. If you choose a different breakfast meat, just cook it how you like and add it at the end.

This recipe is easily adapted to the number of people you are serving. For our family, which is only four of us at home, I'll use 6-8 potatoes and 8-10 eggs. Sometimes I'll have left-overs and sometimes I won't. If you like more eggs than potatoes, adjust accordingly, and vice versa.

It's at this point that you'll prepare your eggs. Whisk together however many you choose, season, and set aside. Adding a little cheese to your eggs now makes it even tastier. Add your veggies to your potatoes. If your pan seems a little dry and things are beginning to stick too much, add more of your oil of choice, or butter. Pour egg mixture over potatoes and cook and stir. When the eggs are done, top with cheese and cover to melt. 

This dish is all about preference. Change up the veggies, skip the sausage, top with chives or green onions, don't add cheese. Make it whatever you and your family like. Experiment until this dish is what you want it to be.

I'm including a link to Pampered Chef here. They don't have an affiliate link, so it will look like you just linked to someone's party. If you buy something through this link I'll get Pampered Chef credit. It's kind of a party, kind of not. 

I ended up getting two pans, and I love them both. Jeff and the kids even like cooking with them because they are just easy. I got the "10-inch Nonstick Fry Pan" which has a removable handle. That actually makes it much easier to store. And it can go in the oven! I use it for Frittatas! So good! I also got the 12-inch nonstick stainless steel that I mentioned above.

Guest Post by Julie Moore

Farmer's Breakfast


6-8 potatoes or store-bought hash browns

8-10 eggs

1 onion, diced

1/2 poblano pepper, diced



garlic powder - dash

1/2 tsp dried parsley

grated cheese (Cheddar, Sharp, Gouda, whatever you like)

sausage or breakfast meat of choice


Dice potatoes. Heat oil in skillet. When hot, add potatoes and fry until browned. In separate skillet brown diced onion, poblano pepper, and sausage. While those are cooking, whisk together eggs, salt and pepper to liking,  dash of garlic powder, and parsley. 

When potatoes and veggies are both browned, add veggies to potatoes and combine. Pour eggs over mixture and cook until eggs are done. Top with cheese and cover to melt.


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