Merry Madden Cookies

Hi! My name is Roshel, owner of the Merry Madden blog and Merry Madden Cookies! My cookies are individually handmade- from the cookie dough, icing, to hand-packaging, to hand delivering to you. It is a very long process as sugar cookies are in a fragile state when they are first decorated and need ample time to dry. Depending on the design, a dozen cookies can take anywhere from 12-24 hours to complete! It is a labor of love and worth taking extra time to make the perfect cookie. I absolutely love making sugar cookies; the smile and reaction on people’s faces is all worth it.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place an order?

Ordering can be done below via our Order Form. A 14 day notice is required to schedule a cookie order. Contact me for availability, I’d love to make cookies for your next gathering, event, or gift exchange!

What method of payments do you accept?

I accept Venmo and PayPal.

How big are the cookies?

The cookies range between 2”-5” depending on the shape of the cookie cutter.

Do you make vegan or gluten free sugar cookies?

Yes I do! I can do vegan, gluten free, and gluten free + vegan. In the comments area, please note your preferences.

Do you make custom cookies?

I have 380 (and counting) cookie cutters and a wide selection of colors, the possibilities are endless! Check out my gallery for some common themes. I do not make any copyrighted theme cookies.

How are the cookies packaged?

All cookies are individually packaged. Cookie sets are packaged in clear food safe display boxes, and DIY Cookie Kits are packaged in food safe bakery display boxes.

Why isn’t  there an option to select more than 2 dozen cookies?

I limit myself to 12-24 cookies to ensure deadlines can be met, as well as this number is attainable for the work space I have in my home kitchen.

Do you deliver cookies?

I do not provide delivery services, cookies can be picked up.