Bible Verses When You Are Struggling with Your Past

Have you ever known the truth, but have had a hard time actually believing it? Here are truths you can preach to your soul when you are reminded about your past! 

Thank God I Am Redeemed

In life, sometimes our mistakes are similar to the bleach stain in that we are still reminded of things we messed up on. I think in these moments we need to focus on Christ and what HE DID for us on the cross rather than what WE DID. Jesus is so much bigger than our past mistakes and certainly, his love for us is much greater than anything we have done.

How to Prioritize Your Day

There are times when I neglect my morning routine. Weekends are often times for later mornings and, as a result, more people about the house which doesn't lend itself to that quiet time with God. Vacation is another time when my routine is just off.

Does True Love Still Exist?

To love someone, and allow ourselves to be loved in return, makes us vulnerable.

Peace During The Storm of Uncertainty

During pain and crisis, I have seen time and time again gestures of kindness, outpours of love not only in my life but observing the world around me.

Creating A Positive Mindset – What Type of Music Changed My Life

Changing my music made me aware of my thought life. My brain was absorbing music that wasn’t always positive, uplifting, or kind. 

9 Communication Mistakes You Might be Doing

Anyone can learn to be a better communicator by observing their communication habits, and avoiding these 9 communication mistakes.

Forgiving Your Past and Learning to Love Yourself

Everyone has a past. Everyone has a record. Nobody is perfect. How can it be so hard forgiving our pasts sometimes?

The Impact of Kindness on Others

Kindness is an incredible tool to use daily, and the more you show kindness, the better human being you are.

What I Learned In Our First Year Of Marriage

Staying Pure for Marriage (100% Worth It!)

We live in a culture where waiting to have sex until after marriage is few and far between.

The Beauty of Marriage – A Mother’s Words to Her Daughter

For example, statistics show that couples who pray together daily have less than a 1% chance of divorce.

Loving One Another by Julie Moore

Since the murder of George Floyd, I’ve been doing a lot of watching and a lot of listening. Conflicted and lost are two good words to describe how I feel.

From Dating to Marriage with Coffee Meets Bagel

Keep your standards high, and don’t be willing to settle. It can be easy to ignore red flags because you really like someone. Ask yourself-can I live with this trait for the rest of my life?