Clever Storage Hacks For Your Craft Room

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Having my own craft room has always been a dream of mine.When B and I bought our house, I was so excited to have my own space to be creative. I tend to spread out when I am working on projects, so having a designated area where I can spread out my tools is essential.  

When trying to find a work table, I was surprised to find there aren’t many options online for  craft tables specific to my needs. I needed a craft table that was tall enough so I can stand while cutting fabric, and wide enough to fit my 24”x36” cutting mat, and have room for other tools as well. 

After taking measurements and doing some research, I found the perfect table that I can use to do all my fabric cutting, vinyl/paper crafts with my portrait silhouette, painting, etc. 

The Ultimate Storage Hacks For Any Craft Room!

Craft Table

I took sewing in high school for all four years, and my teacher taught us that when cutting fabric, we need proper leverage, so standing is a must when cutting fabric. I wanted a table where it was a good height for me (I’m a tad taller than 5’8) to easily cut fabric without having to bend over and strain my neck/back. This craft table also has storage!! If you know me, you know I love storage and being organized. It comes with three small drawers and 6 cubbies to hold craft supplies. It is a great worktable for all kinds of projects.

Sewing Machine Rolling Case

Believe it or not, there are times that you will move your big, heavy sewing machine around. Whether you are taking it to a Sewing Machine repair shop, or sewing with some gal pals at a sewing retreat, you will want to have a rolling case for your sewing machine. I love my rolling case because it has several compartments where I can put in sewing tools, fabrics, the machine instructions, thread, etc.

Hobby Holster

This is a must for glue guns! I found out about Hobby Holsters at the 2018 Pinterest conference. I got to meet the husband and wife team behind this genius product. As long as the surface is smooth, the hobby holster can “stick” on it. This is a silicone holder so it is heat resilient. It can also be used in between kitchen sink drains for sponges, heat hair tools, and a lot more!

Hobby Holster

Decorative Boxes

I bought these decorative suitcase boxes for our wedding to store our cards in. I love using these boxes in my craft room for some extra storage. I keep paper in here, as well as paper scraps (I can make crinkle paper from leftover scraps). It keeps the room looking neat and tidy, and hides away those eye-sore scraps.

Laundry Hamper for holding gift bags and wrapping paper

I used to keep my gift bags, tissue paper and wrapping paper in an under the bed storage bin, but it became inconvenient every time I needed to access it. Again, just with my craft table, I found there weren't many options for gift wrap storage. So I went onto Amazon and found a thin stand up laundry bin and it works perfectly for fitting all my gift wrap supplies. I measured the space in between the wall and the craft table, and it fit perfectly!

Fabric Storage Bins for supplies

How cute are these bins? Instead of having a loose cubby space for my craft items, I wanted to have slide-out bins for the cubby holes. I measured the space, and searched for bins on Amazon, and these were the perfect measurements for the slots, it makes these bins look like they were designed for the craft table!

Wire Baskets

I love the look of wire baskets, and that you can display cute things in them. In my wire baskets, I keep my spools of ribbon, paints, and tape and glue. These house the more frequently used items for everyday crafts. 

Sewing Table Stool

I also got this idea from my high school sewing class days-we all would sit on stools while using our sewing machines. I like being able to tuck my stool under my desk. It doesn’t take up any extra space. This stool pairs perfectly with my desk. This was a ‘hand-me-down’ desk given to me and B spray painted it white for me. Made it look like a brand new desk.

Jumbo Baskets for quilts

In my 4 years of sewing in high school, and a few years afterwards I made a lot of quilts. I wanted to display them but AGAIN not a lot of storage options for quilt displays. How I was previously storing them was in the clear bags store-bought comforters came in. That was fine, but not the prettiest way to store them, and they honestly were being stored in a closet. I couldn’t find a quilt ladder that would fit all of them, and I didn’t want to get a giant piece of furniture that had clear drawers either. I found these huge baskets from Amazon. I was able to fit all my quilts in nicely into one of the baskets. The other basket, I keep kids toys in for when I babysit, my nephew comes over, or if friends with kids come over. These baskets are so huge, I was able to sit in one! haha

Jumbo Fabric Basket

Clear Storage Rotating Organizer for thread and bobbin holder

I have accumulated a lot of thread and bobbins over the years. I had a storage system before that worked when I had under the bed storage in my parents home. It was a flat clear storage box with individual spool/bobbin separators. This worked, but when B and I moved into our home, I didn’t want to have a large box to take up extra room. I found this turntable style organizer that can hold all my thread and bobbins, and makes for a pretty display of colorful thread. 

Clear Rotating Storage Organizer

Trash bin

If you make crafts, you make trash. Having a little trash can nearby is so convenient when you are sewing and have loose threads, or doing a paper project and have scraps of paper. I wanted a trash can that was small and compact. I chose a light gray to go with the overall theme. 

Corner Shelves

Space savers guys! These shelves are more decorative than anything, but so useful to get little trinkets off your desk! Vertical storage is such a great use of space, and keeps things off the floor. I bought the gold baskets from Dollar Tree and they fit perfectly. (I am so surprised by everything that just fits in my different spaces, I got so lucky! lol)

Corner shelves

Dongle Holder

Okay so I didn't know what a dongle was until watching Psych the Movie. LOL. This is actually a phone holder where you can mount on a wall via an adhesive strip. I use it to hold all my dongles-aka iPhone and Macbook Air adapters. I use these very frequently, so I like to have a clear organizer where I can access it quickly.

WiFi Password Dry Erase Board

When guests come over your home, it can be a struggle to find the wifi password for them to connect their devices. Here is a one and done way to store your guest wifi password, and you won't have to dig around random drawers to find that 16 letters and numbers password. Make an easy guest wifi password, and write it down! 

That’s a wrap! 

What are your favorite storage hacks? Leave a comment below. Excited to read your ideas!


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