Selling Your Wedding Dress on Stillwhite: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In this blog post, I'm not sponsored by Stillwhite; I'm simply sharing my personal experience.

After your wedding day, your dress holds so much sentimental value, but it also takes up space. Instead of letting it gather dust in your closet, why not give it a new life and make some money by selling it? 

My wedding dress was my dream wedding dress - it had all the components I was wishing for! It had a long train, ballgown style, lots of tulle, lace flowers, sleeveless, heart-shaped neckline, and satin buttons down the back - it was absolutely gorgeous. It was also HUGE. It actually weighed 11 pounds! I am extremely sentimental and in the beginning, I wanted to keep it. I saw a photo on Pinterest of a beautiful wedding dress that was encapsulated in a giant glass display case with a full view of the dress from top to bottom with spotlights on it. Okay, a girl can dream! 

I tried to sell it on OfferUp but had no success. I think OfferUp is not an ideal place to sell a wedding dress - it is such a big purchase, not like driving 20 minutes across town to pick up a plant. I discovered Stillwhite and I was able to sell my dress in a little over a month! I bought my wedding dress in 2018, got married in 2019, and sold my dress in 2023 while I was pregnant with our twins! I sold it for $850 plus shipping! 

Is Stillwhite Legit?

Absolutely! Stillwhite is the world’s largest pre-owned wedding dress marketplace, and it’s a fantastic platform for finding a new bride to cherish your gown. Here’s how to sell your wedding dress on Stillwhite, along with some tips to make the process smooth and successful.

Why Choose Stillwhite?

Stillwhite is a popular platform dedicated exclusively to buying and selling wedding dresses. Here are a few reasons why it’s a great choice:

No Commission Fees

There are no ongoing fees and zero percent commission to list your dress. Pretty cool huh? The only cost involved to you, the seller is either the standard $25 one-time listing fee, or the premium $35 one-time listing fee. You are in charge of how much you want to sell your dress for, and the buyer pays shipping. 

Niche Market

Since it’s focused solely on wedding dresses, you’re reaching a targeted audience of brides-to-be.

High Traffic

With millions of visitors, your dress will get plenty of exposure. You can connect with buyers from around the world, increasing your chances of making a sale.


The platform is easy to use, both for listing your dress and for buyers to find what they’re looking for. It was so easy to connect with the buyer of my dress by using Stillwhite’s app. 

Steps to Sell Your Wedding Dress on Stillwhite

1. Create an Account

If you don’t already have an account on Stillwhite, sign up. It’s a straightforward process and free to join. The one-time fee to use their service is $25 for standard (I used this option) or $35 for premium, that’s it!

2. Prepare Your Dress

Make sure your dress is clean and in good condition. Consider getting it professionally cleaned to remove any stains or marks from your wedding day. A pristine dress is more likely to attract buyers.

3. Take High-Quality Photos

Good photos are crucial. Take clear, well-lit pictures of your dress from different angles. Include close-ups of any unique details, such as lacework, beading, or embroidery. If possible, take photos of the dress on a mannequin or a person to give buyers a better idea of how it looks when worn.

4. Write a Detailed Description

Be thorough and honest in your description. Include the designer, size, measurements, fabric, color, and any alterations that were made. Mention if it has been dry-cleaned and if there are any flaws or wear. The more information you provide, the more confident buyers will feel about their purchase.

5. Set a Realistic Price

Do some research to see what similar dresses are selling for on Stillwhite. Pricing your dress competitively can help it sell faster. Remember, it’s better to price it reasonably and make a sale than to overprice and have it sit unsold.

7. List Your Dress

Once you’ve prepared all your information and photos, create your listing. Fill out all the required fields and upload your photos. Review everything carefully before publishing to ensure there are no mistakes.

8. Promote Your Listing

Share your listing on social media, wedding forums, and with friends and family to get more eyes on your dress. The more exposure it gets, the higher the chances of selling it quickly.

9. Communicate with Buyers

Be responsive to inquiries. Answer questions promptly and provide additional photos or information if requested. Good communication can help build trust and move the sale along.

10. Secure Payment and Shipping

Once you have a buyer, use Stillwhite’s recommended payment methods to ensure security. Pack the dress carefully to avoid damage during shipping and provide tracking information to the buyer.

Tips for a Successful Sale

1. Highlight Unique Features

If your dress has any special features or is from a sought-after designer, make sure to highlight this in your listing. Unique selling points can attract more interest.

2. Include Original Accessories

If you have the original veil, belt, or other accessories that came with the dress, consider including them in the sale. Buyers appreciate getting the complete look.

3. Be Honest About Flaws

If there are any minor flaws or signs of wear, be upfront about them. Honesty builds trust and reduces the likelihood of returns or disputes.

4. Offer a Return Policy

Consider offering a return policy to give buyers peace of mind. This can make your listing more attractive and trustworthy.

5. Regularly Update Your Listing

If your dress isn’t selling, consider updating the listing with new photos, a price reduction, or additional details. Keeping it fresh can attract new interest.

Final Thoughts

Selling your wedding dress on Stillwhite is a wonderful way to pass on the joy of your special day to another bride while also recouping some of your costs. By following these steps and tips, you can create a compelling listing that attracts buyers and makes the process smooth and enjoyable.

Remember, your dress made your wedding day unforgettable, and now it can do the same for someone else. Happy selling!


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