How to Make Thick Satin Scrunchies

These satin scrunchies not only add a touch of elegance to your hairstyle but also offer practical benefits. Satin is known for its gentle texture, which is especially beneficial for hair as it helps reduce breakage.

No More Coffee Stains for Coffee Lovers!

Never fear coffee lovers-it is possible to enjoy a bright smile and still indulge in a cup of coffee. ‍

Fuchsia Flats Review Sustainable Footwear

Be a part of something big and order these impeccably handcrafted shoes. Take 20% Off Orders of $99 or More with code

Stylish Clothes on a Budget

It is important to note that cheap clothes do not mean quality. Whenever I shop second hand, I pay attention to the clothing brand, which says a lot about its reputation and durability.

My Top 15 Favorite Beauty Regimen Products (All Available on Amazon!)

I prefer using products that are on the less expensive side. There are some amazing makeup and skincare products that do wonders for you at a fraction of the cost.

Laser Hair Removal Results After Eight Treatments

Anyways, the results were pretty good. Even in their introductory newsletter email, it said, “Remember that your goal is improvement, not perfection.“

Tips to Grow and Maintain Fuller Eyebrows Fast

Eyebrows are just like the hair on our head. Eyebrows need to be conditioned and taken care of in order for them to be healthy.

How to Correctly Pop a Pimple (If You Must)

When I have a large pimple appear (usually around my period) I put tea tree oil on a clean finger and put directly on the pimple. It is best to wait 24 hours before trying to pop.

Curology Review: Acne Treatment

Curology is a San Diego based company that provides skincare products via monthly subscriptions. A dermatology provider is assigned to you and prescribes you a formula that is tailored to you!

Curly Girl Routine: How To Refresh Limp Curls

Hair is made up of protein, so if your hair is still limp after moisturizing it, your hair could need some protein!

5 Secrets to Maintaining a Healthy Weight

How many of us have been lured in by some commercial or advertisement claiming to provide incredible weight loss results? It can be tempting to shell out some cash in hopes to get the results we crave. Sadly, most of these “lose-weight-fast” schemes do not work, or they do not last.