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Let me take you on a journey to Sangla Hill. Sangla Hill is a  town in Pakistan that a group of artisans call home. These artisans have 18-30 years of experience in handcrafting gorgeous shoes and flats. In Pakistan, these types of shoes are called Khussas.

Fuchsia is a startup company created by Afshan Abbas in 2016. Her vision for the company was to share native Pakistani artisans with the rest of the world via their handcrafted flats. 

What I Love About Fuchsia Flats

I love these flats and have so much character and artistry. The fact that these shoes are designed by hand is incredible. 

If you hadn’t noticed, I LOVE, love, love bright and vibrant colors. Fuchsia flats have a beautiful and unique design to all their shoes. 

These shoes will make you feel like a princess. 


Sustainability encompasses the economic, environmental and social standards needed to sustain life. It is a beautiful concept when people, planet and profits are ethically protected and promoted. 

Fuchsia provides good stable jobs for these artisans. They have a full time salary and have health benefits, whereas other similar jobs in Pakistan work was not always guaranteed, and the pay was 3x less. 

These shoes are high quality and eco-friendly 

How Do They Fit? 

I wear size 10-11 shoes. I usually wear size 10 in flats, and 10.5-11 in boots/running shoes, it also just depends on the type of shoe. 

I first ordered a size 11, and that was too big for me. I returned them and got a size 10. 

Fuchsia recommends sizing down if you are in between sizes. This shoe is designed to mold to your feet, plus with flats you want them to fit snug, not to be loose. If you need help, they have a guide to measuring your shoe size. 

Also a fun trait of these shoes is that they do not have a right or a left, so that may be strange at first. I own several pairs and I did notice my plain black pair is shaped more for a right and left foot. It will take time to break them in, but they do not bother me at all, and I have large feet! 

How Do They Compare with Other Flats? 

Years ago I would buy my flats at Payless Shoes, Walmart, and Target. Partly because I was still in college and was only working part time, so money was limited. Those shoes would quickly break down and I would need to buy new shoes. 

I’ve since then decided to invest in shoes that are more expensive but that are made with quality materials so that I don’t have to replace them as often. Fuchsia shoes are made with top quality raw materials which make them ultra durable. 

In my closet, the majority of shoes I own are Tieks and Fuchsia flats. Fuchsia flats are comfortable and I mostly wear them at work or for a special outing. I have not worn either of these shoe brands on outdoor trails (because I don’t like my shoes to get dirty!), but I do know people who wear them everywhere! 

Fuchsia flats currently are $80-$120, with the majority of their shoes being $99. Yes this is not a pair of $15 flats-BUT they will last you for years. They also are cheaper than Tieks, which cost around $175-$345! I also like that if you sign up with Fuchsia’s emails, they do offer discounts!

Shipping and Delivery 

Currently Fuchsia does not have a large inventory, due to the shoes being custom made. That means these shoes won’t get to you in 2 days like on Amazon Prime. It could be 2-3 weeks to receive the shoes. In my case where I was waiting for my exchange, I waited from the end of July 2020 to September 2020 because on top of the COVID-19 pandemic, they had a 3-4 week shut down of their Pakistan facility because of major flooding due to the monsoon season. I foresee in the future, they may make some changes to speed up the process, but for now they are worth the wait! 

Fuchsia offers free shipping worldwide! I think that is amazing since shipping charges is pretty much guaranteed on most online purchases. They also offer free exchanges and returns for the USA and Canada.

During the waiting period, think of how many individuals and families are being benefited by earning a respectable livelihood and the opportunities this is bringing to the artisans of Pakistan. Also try and think of a different culture outside our own (I’m referring to American culture) where we live in a microwave society where we want things/results/solutions immediately. 

You can’t rush art. 

Top Sellers in 2020 

The Olivia, Snowdrop and Peplum shoes were the top 3 best sellers for 2020. I promise this was a coincidence but I bought all three of those shoes last year!! I can’t wait to shop more of their styles, they are creating more and more gorgeous styles, so be on the lookout! 

Image from Fuchsia Shoes

Customer Service

Their customer service is great, and I appreciate their transparency. They truly care about their customers and making a difference in the world. I  have even corresponded with Afshan (the CEO and cofounder), how cool is that?! I can’t say many CEO’s are personally responding to their customers. Watch their story here on YouTube!

Be a part of something big and order these impeccably handcrafted shoes. Take 20% Off Orders of $99 or More with code ENJOY20 at checkout. 


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