Curology Review: Acne Treatment

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Here is my story of my acne journey:

I was fortunate enough to skip the dreaded teenage-acne phase. It’s not like I never had pimples as a teenager, but they were far and few between. I didn’t rely on acne creams or washes to help my face stay clear-I was just lucky! I wish I could say I ate a wholesome, balanced diet as a teenager,  but I am afraid that was not the case.

Jhann and I-summer after Junior year in High School. July 2009

Then acne came with a vengeance. As if it said you are way overdue for acne-pay up! Adult acne. Uggh why me?! Post high school, I was going to college full time, working two jobs, and enjoying a social life. My life consisted of late-night studying, daily coffee and the occasional stress that comes from work and school balance. I also am the type of gal who loves being busy-it makes me happy, and I tend to pile too much on my plate at times. Growing up, my mom would tell me that I was burning the candle at both ends! Lol. College did not change that either. One semester, I was going to three different campuses to get all the classes I wanted to complete! Since acne wasn’t the norm for me, as one would start to develop, I would try to squeeze it the second it appeared. At the time, I did not know that only made the acne bacteria spread on the surface and underneath my skin causing a continuing acne forming cycle. I feel I tried almost everything in acne-fighting existence. I remember going to the Dermatologist for some help, and searching Google for yeeeears for any remedies.I tried Doxycycline, Epiduo, Retin-A from my Dermatologist, and that didn’t make a huge change in my skin. I tried acne creams and washes such as X-Out, Biore Charcoal, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena. I’ve done several face masks, and went to get a chemical-peel. I even did home remedies-toothpaste to dry a pimple overnight, baking soda, lemon juice, almond oil, honey masks, apple cider vinegar-drinking it and using it on my face, crushed up Aspirin masks, drinking kombucha (I can’t wait to blog about one of my favorite drinks). Nothing was working.

Acne in January 2017:

Acne in January 2018:

After doing some usual internet research, it dawned on me that maybe my problem was due to an internal problem, rather than an external one. I thought to myself-was have I changed in my diet since high school? Survey says: Coffee. Nooo no no!! This is the elixir of life-I can’t get off coffee I thought. So for some time I had gone off coffee or drank decaf because I read it can be a hormone stimulator that can produce acne. After going off coffee for a bit, my acne did not clear up. All that sacrifice for nothing.

I had active acne from 2012-2018. Some days were worse than others, but it was always a continuing problem. I can’t believe I dealt with it for that long! I hated relying on coverup because I am not a really makeup-savvy girl, and honestly I usually go everyday bare-faced. (Nothing against makeup-I just never mastered the art of it, but I do love me some waterproof mascara and lip moisturizer!) I also felt coverup was just clogging my pores even more, but I could not leave the house without covering up the acne and acne scars.

What changed my life was Curology!

Curology is a San Diego based company that provides skincare products via monthly subscriptions. In March 2018 I decided to sign up for their free trial, I think I paid 4 bucks for shipping and handling. What you do is take a quiz on your skin type, and what you are looking to achieve. Based on your answers, a dermatology provider is assigned to you and prescribes you a formula that is tailored to you! You can also upload pictures of before and after-it truly is amazing. Every evening you use the face cream they prescribe.

It works while you sleep! Now just like anything of value or worth, it takes time it is not overnight. It took about 3-4 months for me to really see improved skin. Acne scars are another story-as if acne isn’t bad enough, scars have to constantly remind you about what once was. Acne scars did fade and my skin was looking incredible around the 5-6 month mark.

The nice thing about Curology is you can choose how often your formula is created, and the frequency of when your bottle ships. As my skin was healing, I went from using it every night to every other night, then to a few times a week. It was working so well, a one month supply bottle was lasting me two months, so I had to keep pushing back my deliveries! Now I use it for maintenance, and I use it a few times a month.

They also have cleansers and moisturizers you can use along with the formula cream.

I started with the small custom bottle (1-month size) for $24.90 a month, but I have also tried the large custom bottle (2-month size) for $39.90 a month, as well as The Curology set with the custom bottle, moisturizer, and cleanser (2-month set) for $59.90 a month. Amazon offers Curology cleansers, moisturizers and treatments as well, though they are not specifically customized for your skin.

For me, these products were so effective for me, I still have some unfinished moisturizer and cleanser that I use occasionally. I was so blessed that my skin had fully healed, I did not wear coverup or foundation on my face for our wedding.

Wedding day makeup: eyes, lips and blush-that’s it! No foundation!

There are several factors that go into skin flaring up everyone’s skin is different. Maybe dairy is the trigger, or your face is oily all the time, or your hormones are out of whack. Unfortunately, there is not an end-all-be-all solution for acne. But I will say you can’t go wrong with flushing your system with water, regular exercise, eating sweets in moderation, lowering stress levels, good hygiene (not popping zits with your fingers), and adding probiotics into your diet.

I definitely recommend using Curology-I actually like visiting the Doctor, but sometimes it can be inconvenient to take time off work, get an appointment, visit the pharmacy, etc. The team at Curology is made up of licensed dermatologists, so you can rest assured they are experts in skincare. If you are skeptical about trying this, they have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can’t lose!

My Curology progression:

Before using Curology (left) and after using Curology (right).

(excuse the typo)

Looking back, I believe the root of why I had consistent breakouts was due to stress, lack of sleep, not drinking enough water and constant picking at acne and acne scars.

So can I say right now my face is always perfect and smooth like a baby’s butt? No, I still get hormonal acne every now and then but my scarring has gone, and I have fewer breakouts. 😌


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