No More Coffee Stains for Coffee Lovers!

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Out of all the teeth-staining culprits, I would say coffee is the worst. Who would want to give up coffee? I mean, coffee is life!! Can one really be a coffee lover AND have pearly white teeth? The answer is YES!

Coffee is a part of my everyday routine. I noticed I would drink more coffee when I was at work because our office had a coffee maker about 3ft away from my desk lol. My coworkers and I would brew a pot, and constant fill-ups were a normal part of my workday. 

I have been using Crest White Strips for years, and have always had phenomenal results with using them, and the whitening effects last about a year. The only thing is that the whitening wouldn’t be as dramatic if I was still drinking coffee daily. I have tried some natural or at-home whitening remedies, but I have to say whitening strips are the best and most effective. 

In June of last year, I decided to use Crest Whitening Strips for the 14 days and NOT drink coffee to reset my teeth to a brighter white. I think I made it 12/14 days without drinking any coffee, and boy was that a challenge! I did notice (and my husband noticed too) that my teeth whitened more quickly when I was mostly avoiding coffee. However, I love coffee and I am not going to give it up!

7 Tips On Keeping Your Teeth White As a Coffee Lover 

Use a straw

Reusable straws are not only great for the environment, but they are great for your teeth! Drinking through a straw prevents your teeth from getting too much coffee exposure. Plus, think about it-when you drink through a straw it goes behind your teeth and makes a b-line to the back of your throat. 

Add milk or creamer

This is a no brainer for me. I have never liked drinking black coffee, it is too bitter for me so I always add cream and sugar. Lightening the coffee color will help lessen the chance of your teeth staining. Plus it will be easier to drink coffee through a straw. 

Drink water with coffee

This is a great little hack because coffee can be dehydrating, as it is a diuretic. I know drinking water has always been a struggle for me, so drinking only coffee can be very dehydrating for me. Drinking water with your coffee gives your teeth a gentle rinse as well as keep your hydration levels up. 

Drink coffee in one sitting 

This tidbit I got from my dentist. She said that she doesn’t’ recommend anyone to give up coffee, but just enjoy it in one sitting. This means if you drink coffee, try and finish it in about 20 minutes, give or take. Don’t have a coffee over the time period of 1-2 hours where you are continually bathing your teeth in coffee. 

Use Crest White Strips

These are effective, safe, and much cheaper than getting your teeth whitened “professionally”. I have used Vivid White, Professional Effects, Glamorous White, Classic White, and Sensitive Crest Strips, and you can’t go wrong with any of them! The main difference is the application time as well as how many strips are included.  They remove up to 10 years, are accepted by the American Dental Association (ADA), and are Dentist recommended.

Brush teeth after drinking

If you have a desk job, and drink coffee and your desk, keep a whitening toothpaste and toothbrush in your drawer. Once you finish drinking your cup of coffee, brush your teeth-you’ll find your brush turns brown from the coffee coming off your teeth! If you are in a job where you can’t easily brush your teeth after drinking coffee, excuse yourself to the restroom and rinse your mouth with water at least. 

Touch up with teeth whitening pens

What I love about teeth whitening pens is that they are quick, convenient, and no slimy strips to pull off later. This is great to have at home, or at the office because if you can’t brush your teeth (I keep a toothbrush at work) just rinse with water after drinking coffee and apply this pen to your teeth. 

Never fear coffee lovers-it is possible to enjoy a bright smile and still indulge in a cup of coffee. 


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