Pumpkin Spice Latte (with Real Pumpkin!)

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Hello, lovers of all things pumpkin and pumpkin spice! Tis the season to indulge in a nice warm cup of coffee featuring pumpkin spice on a cold day…or a warm San Diego day.

If you don’t have a fancy espresso machine, don’t worry, I don’t either. What I do have is a super convenient, easy-to-store travel espresso maker. I bought this after working in a coffee shop, as I discovered things about coffee I never knew (like the difference between an authentic macchiato and Starbucks’ Carmel Macchiato). I wanted to enjoy espresso every now and then, however, I didn’t want another bulky kitchen appliance. This little espresso maker tucks away perfectly in our cabinet, and I love being able to bring it on vacation!

For frothing the milk, there are two ways you can do this. I have a Ninja milk frother, and a Zulay milk frother. I use my Ninja frother when I want a lot of foam in my coffee. The Ninja milk frother is manual, so no batteries required. I like how you can see how much foam you are creating, as it is made of glass. You can even microwave the glass (just don’t include the top lid part as it is made of metal). However, for this specific recipe, I would split the milk portion in two, one to mix with the pumpkin ingredients, and the other half to pour the foam. The Zulay frother is also great since it can be used as a mixer to incorporate the ingredients and create a little foam as well.

Feel free to customize this recipe! You can use less pumpkin puree, real sugar or natural sugar, heavy cream or milk substitute, or an extra shot of espresso. 

This pumpkin spice latte will wow your guests at Thanksgiving or Christmas parties. It is perfectly pumpkin- so rich and delicious! 

This recipe makes two pumpkin spice lattes.



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