The Impact of Kindness on Others

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Have you ever heard of the “Golden Rule”? Treat others how you want to be treated? It is a good generic guideline in life, for example if you want to be treated kindly, then you treat others kindly. An even BETTER rule is the “Platinum Rule”. Treat others how they want to be treated.

For example, if you like to be called by your nickname, let’s say “Bobby” instead of Robert, that is totally fine! However, someone else may not want to be called by a nickname, they rather be called by their given name. The Golden rule would not work in this situation-just because you like someone calling you by a nickname doesn’t mean someone else would like the same treatment.

The beautiful thing about kindness is that when you act with kindness, you are also benefiting yourself! An article from Harvard, The heart and science of kindness, talks about how kindness can lead to increased happiness levels.

Kindness is an incredible tool to use daily, and the more you show kindness, the better human being you are. The impact of kindness can have everlasting benefits. Talk about a significant impact on the world!

I just wonder what our homes, relationships, neighborhoods, businesses, and public interactions would be like if people were simply kind to each other and the world around them.

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The Kindness Guide

  1. Respect others beliefs, opinions, boundaries and feelings. No two people are exactly alike, that’s what makes this world beautiful.
  2. Give genuinely-that means no strings attached!! Give without expecting anything in return.
  3. Be kind on the road-everyone zones out at stop lights or maybe not drive as fast as you would like. Wait before honking that horn.
  4. Lift other people up-kind words go a long way.
  5. Tell others what bothers you in a kind way. If they don’t acknowledge or respect your wishes, continue being kind.
  6. Don’t keep score. Don’t keep a record of wrongs, and don’t keep a record of what you have done for someone. This is loving unconditionally.
  7. Cut out negative talk. Complaining about situations or people (without providing a solution) goes nowhere.
  8. Be aware of what you say. Words have a powerful effect and can’t be taken back once said.
  9. Bake something for someone- good food is always a good idea.
  10. Be kind to yourself. No amount of dwelling on past mistakes, focusing on current flaws or failed achievements will make you a better person.
  11. Seek to understand someone before trying to be understood

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